How to excel at evaluation

Feb 02, 2018

Excel® is proven to be effective for delivering simple tender evaluations.  If there are a small number of evaluators and just a few documents to manage then it remains the simplest approach to evaluation.  Scores can be captured in numerical format (0-10, 0-5), percentages or, for more advanced users, through the use of pivot tables, in adjectives (excellent, good, fair, poor etc).  Questions can…

Insights, interactions and sharing the benefits of AWARD® across Canada

Jan 17, 2018

With four events in one week, November was an extremely busy time for the for the Commerce Decisions team in Canada. The events comprised the Canadian Public Procurement Forum (CPPC) in Ottawa; 25th Annual CCPPP National Conference in Toronto; the Canadian Urban Transit Authority Forum (CUTA) and the Department of International Trade (DIT) Rail/Infrastructure Mission, both held in Toronto.  The…

Recognising PPP excellence across the Asia Pacific region

Dec 15, 2017

I was excited to be part of Partnerships Bulletin’s inaugural PPP Asia Pacific Conference and Awards ceremony in Sydney at the end of November.  

The event kicked off with an innovative PPP Hub Roundtables format. This interactive session which was sponsored by Commerce Decisions, provided an excellent opportunity for Professional Services Director, Peter Marshall, and I, to talk directly…

Celebrating Canadian success in the P3 market

Nov 28, 2017

Phil Lear and I recently attended the P3 Hub Americas conference, held at the historic Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. Now in its fourth year, the event provided an excellent opportunity for us to meet leading figures in the P3 marketplace from Canada, America and Latin America and to hear first hand about developments over the last year as well as where the market is heading in 2018.


Can you afford to ignore social procurement any longer?

Aug 08, 2017

The concept of Social Procurement is becoming more widely discussed in the Canadian public procurement field, with various jurisdictions adopting social procurement policies and frameworks to some degree.

Social Procurement is the idea that public sector agencies can use their procurement function to affect social and economic policies while also achieving value for money. Discussions are…

Value for Money - Keeping it Real

Jul 28, 2017

A short introduction to our RVfM (Real Value for Money) methodology, exposing a serious and potentially legally challengeable flaw in using traditional MEAT formulas.

Following extensive analysis of the formulas used in the public sector to calculate the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) – the winner – in major procurements, Commerce Decisions has developed an alternative formula,…

Normalising Transparency

May 31, 2017

In its recent Procurement Policy Note “The Transparency of Suppliers and Government to the Public”, Crown Commercial Service has given more weight to the presumption of disclosure in procurement processes.  Authorities are now expected not to rely…

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