Come along to our complimentary Bidder Seminar to hear insights, advice and tips from Graeme Robson, Bid Sector Lead at Commerce Decisions. With over 25 years’ experience in the bidding community, Graeme addresses the importance of a strong relationship between buyers and bidders in which both parties commit to the best possible outcome to achieve success.
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Commerce Decisions' AWARD® evaluation solution has been developed specifically to support strategic, complex, high risk procurement projects. AWARD® is widely used across the UK public sector; reducing time to contract, improving value for money and ensuring delivery of the best possible outcome. We look forward to meeting you if you’re attending the Procurex Ireland event in Dublin on 26 April 2018.

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We're delighted to be working in partnership with Partnerships Bulletin once again as the official technology sponsor for the upcoming Partnerships Awards, recognising and rewarding the best in PPP.

Commerce Decisions delivers the AWARD® procurement evaluation software, best practice knowledge and expert evaluation procurement services to support strategic, complex, or high risk sourcing projects. With proven success on $350 billion of projects over 15 years, In its role as technology sponsor, Commerce Decisions provides the AWARD® procurement evaluation software to support the awards judging process, ensuring an efficient, structured, robust and transparent approach. 

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Moving from Paper to Digital: Challenges, Lessons and Benefits of Electronic Tender Evaluation

Join us at our first Australian 2018 Electronic Evaluation Conference on Wednesday 16th May at the Arts Centre Melbourne.

The Conference offers the latest thinking and practices on how to make the move from traditional paper-based tender evaluation to working with electronic based, paperless systems. Come along and discover the benefits, together with practical information on how to make it work within your environment.

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Our 1-day training course provides an in-depth understanding of the challenges that Government buyers face. Our experts explain how our consultancy-led solution, underpinned by the ADVANCE™ software, helps bidders to fully understand the marking structure of a tender evaluation. The course helps bidders to plan effectively and maximise their chance of achieving the highest scoring bid.
• Understand the AWARD® evaluation solution and our methodologies
• Explore the detailed work undertaken by the buyer and what they are looking for
• Learn why answering the question is key to scoring well
• Appreciate how to prepare the highest scoring bid
• Understand how to set the bid team off in the right direction
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The Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management (CIPMM), formerly the Materiel Management Institute (MMI), is a leader in information Sharing, Professional Development and Advocacy & Recognition for the public sector procurement and materiel management community.

Commerce Decisions is delighted to be attending the 29th Annual CIPMM workshop from 29-30 May where we'll be showcasing AWARD, our collaborative web-based evaluation solution. Come and find out how AWARD can help you deliver the best possible outcome your strategic procurement projects.

For more information, visit the CIPMM website

CANSEC 2018 will once again showcase leading-edge technology, products and services for land-based, naval, aerospace and joint forces military units. This two-day event is the largest and most important defence industry event in Canada.

Commerce Decisions is delighted to be attending CANSEC from 30-31 May where we'll be showcasing AWARD, our collaborative web-based evaluation solution. Come and find out how AWARD can help you deliver the best possible outcome your strategic procurement projects.

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Supporting UK MOD with the delivery of AWARD® and expert services

Commerce Decisions deploys a dedicated account management and support team with in depth knowledge of the MOD and its processes. The team conducts a continuous programme of education and process improvement across MOD sites including a dedicated Helpdesk, User Groups, Seminars, Workshops and participation at key external events.   

With a unique focus on the evaluation process, the Commerce Decisions MOD team offers an unrivalled expertise, thought-leadership and insight. With over 15 years’ experience of working on some of Europe’s largest, most high profile, strategic programmes, our expert support is highly respected across the UK public sector and beyond.


This ½ day workshop will examine what weighting is for, the issues surrounding weighting and will look at some methods that can be used to create weights that will increase the likelihood of arriving at the best decision. The process of weighting involves emphasising some criteria more than others. The output of the weighting process is a set of criteria where each criterion has a different impact on the result. What is it that makes one  factor more important to a decision than another? When trying to determine weight,  how should the decider go about choosing which criteria are more important? There are many methods available, each with its pros and cons, and there are also legal implications to consider.

10th May   2nd July   4th Sept   13th Nov

This ½ day training summarises best practice and methodologies for making supplier  selection decisions. It focuses on improving value for money, making robust and defensible decisions and meeting legislative and regulatory requirements during the strategic  procurement process. The course addresses the entire evaluation and decision-making  process and draws on our experience across a wide variety of procurements across  MOD and the wider public sector.

Select a date to book: 9th Jan, 21 Feb, 28th March and 24th April 

This 2-hour seminar introduces the AWARD® suite, a web-based solution offering a unique focus and depth of functionality to support strategic evaluation with a structured, robust and transparent approach. AWARD® has been deployed across MOD since 2012 and licences are available free of charge to MOD project teams under a corporate licence agreement. The seminar will include an introduction to best practice procurement methodologies, a brief overview of our background in MOD and a product demonstration.

12th April   25th June   19th Nov

Drop by for an informal chat about the AWARD® suite, our thought-leadership and procurement support.

Select a date to book: 14th March,  13th June,  12th September, and 12th December




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