• Identify and record the goals of high level organisational needs.
  • Deliver a robust audit trail of decisions.
  • Identify, record and assess dependencies and risks.
  • Record the evidence required and formulate the evaluator guidance to ensure the evidence is assessed correctly.
  • Perform sensitivity analysis on the requirements to ensure appropriate scoring schemes and weightings are applied to key criteria.

Relevant Resources

Structured Criteria Development

Commerce Decisions’ Structured Criteria Development (SCD) methodology enables the creation of robust, fit for purpose, defensible award criteria for use on procurement projects of any size, complexity and for any recognised procurement process. SCD is primarily focused on the definition of goals, the analysis of dependencies and the identification of assurance criteria. In addition to these three objectives, it enables the involvement of all key project stakeholders. This method has been developed in response to the demand for maximised value for money and the need to reduce costs and minimise risks.