Commerce Decisions has over 15 years extensive and successful evaluation support experience on some of the world’s largest and most strategic programmes. This background enables us to deliver a robust and defensible procurement process to our clients; proven time and again across many sectors including construction, transport, education, health, defence and facilities management. To date, Commerce Decisions has supported over $350 billion of projects internationally.

We are widely recognised by our clients as trusted providers of robust, best practice procurement advice that is independent of any supplier interests. Clients can be assured that the procurement services provided by our world class experts will always only serve the best interests of the client.

Drawing on our accumulated experience and knowledge, we are in a unique position to also offer a bid review service to tenderers, equally so for procurements that are using AWARD<sup>®</sup> as for those that are not.

Our services team provides differing levels of support, dependent on the needs of each client or project.

  • Thought-leadership and best practice advice
    Our experts provide the knowledge and experience to help you in all stages of the procurement life cycle.  Services include the delivery of our Real Value for Money (RVfM) and Structured Criteria Development (SCD) methodologies.
  • AWARD® support
    We offer a range of services to help clients adopt and make best use of the AWARD® solution; these include support with configuration, evaluation and reporting as well as building templates.
  • Training courses
    We offer both AWARD® training (for evaluators, project managers/administrators) and courses covering best-practice methodologies.
  • AWARD® Support Desk
    Our support desk provides direct technical support to our customers by phone and email during UK office hours.
  • ExpertAssist
    The ExpertAssist package offers AWARD® users help and support above and beyond the standard AWARD® helpdesk. Primarily a phone/email service, our expertly trained staff offer guidance through the creation, management and evaluation of projects in AWARD®.

Commerce Decisions has a longstanding and enviable history of working with procuring organisations, having supported projects totalling in excess of $350 billion to date. Drawing on this accumulated experience and knowledge, Commerce Decisions is therefore in a unique position to offer a bid review service to tenderers.

Commerce Decisions’ independent bid review service focuses attention on the buyer’s priorities and supports the development of compelling, coherent proposals. The service varies depending on the needs and requirements of the bid team. However, it is based on the following core activities:

  • Bid assurance and checking
    This focuses on optimising the bid response and providing assurance that the bid responds to the question.  Where AWARD® is being used by the buyer, we can assist with inputting of responses into AWARD® and previewing the bid response.
  • Bid review and support activities
    Review of client objectives and win themes
    Recommendation of approaches that best present client responses
    Review and critique of bid documentation at agreed stages
    Model the buyer’s evaluation process (using their criteria, weightings and measures where provided)
    Utilise an AWARD® model to demonstrate how evaluators will evaluate the bid
    Carry out sensitivity analysis
    Determine the competitiveness of a bid where possible


We offer several onsite and open training courses on AWARD<sup>®</sup> and procurement best practice.


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